Reserved for cyclists

The special services for cyclists as well as our experience in the organisation of sports holidays make Sport Hotels Resort & Spa the ideal place for alpine training on mountain roads.

At 1.850 metres above sea level and thanks to our specialised services the cycling holiday is ideal for professionals for training or competition preparation or just for enjoying cycling as a holiday in the mountains:

  • Protected bike parking: Right next to the entrance of 4* Sport Hotel Village each cyclist has a secure locked space to keep the bicycle, as well as space to maintain and repair it and a compressor for inflating tyres.
  • Cleaning of bicycles: Located at the entrance of 4* Sport Hotel is a water hose for cleaning bicycles and tools.
  • Fitness room: Sport Wellness Mountain Spa has a fully equipped fitness room for strength training, stretching and warm up exercises before starting your training day.
  • Nourishment for cyclists: Apart from our specially adapted buffets or menus, our chefs have also put together a healthy and complete picnic to take on a training day consta de: 1 sandwich con pan de molde, (pre-booking necessary): 1 sandwich, 1 energy bar, 1 piece of fruit (banana) and ½ a bottle of water.
  • Repair shop for mountain bikes: Grandvalira offers this service next to the gondola lift a few steps from the hotel (extra cost).
  • Cycling shops: Andorra is renowned for its shopping and in the hotel we can inform you about specialist cycling shops for road racing or mountain bikes as well as spare parts.
  • Road racing and mountain biking: inform yourself about the various routes which exist in Andorra for both. Famous cycling tours like the Tour de France, Tour de España and Tour de Cataluña have passed through the mountains of Andorra, the routes are well sign-posted and you can follow in the footsteps of your heroes. For mountain biking you find the Bikepark Soldeu and many other routes in the mountains.